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forensic engineering

IDS Group provides forensic engineering services on a wide variety of projects including development of as-built documents for existing facilities, condition assessments, determination of causes for deterioration or damage to existing facilities, insurance claims, and litigation. In-house staff has experience in performing economical and thorough investigations, developing inspection and testing plans, and managing and directing material testing and geotechnical investigations. IDS takes pride in its ability to determine the causes of problems and the determination of appropriate repairs for distressed or damaged buildings.

Forensic Engineering Services:

  • Assessment, Repair and Alterations of Existing Facilities
  • Condition Assessments
  • Non-destructive Investigations
  • Material Testing and Destructive Investigations
  • geotechnical investigation

  • access lift for material testing

  • concrete reinforcing inspection

  • masonry in-place shear test

  • condition assessment

  • destructive testing

  • concrete core sampling

  • façade damage

  • roofing assemblies

  • flatjack testing of URM