john wayne airport santa ana, california

John Wayne Airport

The Terminal Improvements Project consists of 31 distinct tasks of physical improvements occurring in and around Terminals A, B, and C (250,000 square feet). The focus of the wok was on Terminals A and B, bringing them to the modern standard established in the new Terminal C. In addition to the physical improvements, additional important elements of the project include the utilization of JWA Revit models and specific guidance/restrictions through construction planning.

Task groups included the following:

  • Access compliance improvements to ADA standards including modifications to handrail/guardrail, signage, and terminal amenities such as restrooms, phones and drinking fountains
  • Selective replacement of worn wall finishes, acoustical ceilings, and the painting of vaulted metal ceilings
  • Selective replacement of flooring to address wear, access, and trip-hazards
  • Achieving energy conservation and renewing service life of building mechanical and electrical systems including the installation of more energy efficient LED lighting and replacement of boilers and HVAC subcomponents and control

IDS has received four award recognition’s for our work at John Wayne Airport, including “Project of the Year” by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Orange County Chapter, “Engineering Project Achievement” by the Orange County Engineering Council (OCEC), and two “Excellence in Engineering” Awards for “New Construction” by the Structural Engineers Association of Southern California (SEAOSC).