ARTIC/Angels Stadium anaheim, california

ARTIC/ Angels Stadium

The path of travel (POT) between ARTIC and Angels Stadium does not comply with the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Act. Additionally the Angel Stadium termination of the public sidewalk on the southerly side of Douglass Rd. also fails to comply with the ADA POT requirements. The project objective is to identify an interim remedy and a long-term remedy to these POT deficiencies. A portion of the logical POT lies within the fireworks Fall Zone. The Fall Zone must be avoided as a POT, a fact that makes POT solutions more complex.

IDS has documented the existing conditions to identified POT deficiency areas. Documentation included improvements such as paving, curb and gutter, signage, and objects found along the POT such as fire hydrants, above ground utilities, street lights etc. Finish grades, slopes and changes in elevation along the POT have been documented.