project sectors

In more than a dozen diverse market sectors, IDS Group provides excellence and industry leading full-service design and construction management for our international clients. We achieve this diversity without compromising quality through our association with some of the world’s leading architectural design and specialized consulting firms. These strategic partnerships add to our established expertise in planning, designing, and engineering of a wide range of signature, state-of-the-art projects.

IDS Group provides full service architecture, engineering, and construction management services in the following project sectors:





  • Pier 202
    Lake Front Mixed-Use Community

    Tempe, Arizona
    courtesy of FORMA
  • Kuwait Special Needs Schools Complex - Hawalli Site

    State of Kuwait
    photo courtesy of Langdon Wilson International
  • State-of-the-Art Urban Design
    Public Realm Design Concepts

    Baoji, China
    courtesy of FORMA
  • Broadway Plaza

    Birmingham, England
  • Huntington Beach Peninsula Park

    Huntington Beach, California
    courtesy of FORMA
  • Tustin Ranch Golf Course

    Tustin, California
    courtesy of FORMA
  • 3M Corporation
    Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

    Sydney, Australia